• 7 April 2021

Uzbekistan signs memorandum on development of pharmaceutical industry


Uzbekistan signs memorandum on development of pharmaceutical industry

On March 31, 2021, the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute and Grand Pharm Trade, one of the leaders in the Uzbek pharmaceutical market, signed a memorandum of cooperation on training for the Republican Pharmaceutical Market.

The memorandum provides practical training for students, scholarships and sponsorships for bachelors, work on commercial projects with Grand Pharm Trade staff for masters, as well as opportunities to participate in research programs for scientists (doctoral students) of the institute.




The company also provides students with a database of dating and practical classes. Among them, the best and most promising operators will be organized in leading companies in this area, which is especially relevant in the current situation.

In addition, the company has created a full-fledged training ground for seminars and conferences with leading specialists in the country and abroad, as well as a specialized pharmacy trading platform for the free organization.


At the same time, when the population of the world and the continuity of life are constantly growing, the pharmaceutical industry occupies a special place. It is necessary to attract the most advanced world technologies in the field of research and development of exemplary structures and training of specialists corresponding to world industry standards.

“Cooperation with the university is very effective in improving the effectiveness of student training, as well as in improving the quality of pharmaceutical products and services at the expense of implementing different schemes of cooperation between our organizations. I believe that such cooperation is logical in modern realities, because the company can provide all the opportunities for the development of qualifications and practical development in this area, outfitted with academic education - university education.