• 27 August 2019

Fluditec syrup 20 mg 125 ml

???? Fluditec syrup 20 mg 125 ml is an effective and tasty expectorant syrup for children and adults.

???? It is used as a mucolytic agent for acute and chronic diseases of the respiratory tract, accompanied by difficult discharge of viscous sputum.

???? ‍♂️ Also applies against:

- acute and chronic bronchitis;

- tracheobronchitis;

- bronchitis with broncho-obstructive syndrome;

- bronchial asthma, whooping cough, bronchiectasis;

- inflammatory diseases of the middle ear and sinuses;

- preparation of the patient for bronchoscopy and / or bronchography.

‼ ️ Before use, consult your doctor and read the instructions!