• 12 September 2019

Pear: health benefits

???? Pear: health benefits

???? Pear is a rich source of fiber, folate and ascorbic acid. Just one fruit will saturate the body with nitrogenous substances, carotene, vitamins and microelements.

???? The medicinal properties of pears are actively used to fight diseases. This is how the fetus acts on human health:

• Restores the work of the pancreas.

• Good effect on the work of the heart. Potassium and alkali in its composition are useful for heart rhythm disturbances.

• Strengthens the immune system, prevents viral and infectious diseases.

• Improves digestion, kidney and liver function, removes toxins and toxins from the body.

• Prevents anemia. Copper and iron improve general condition, relieve fatigue and help to cope with weakness.

• Cleans and strengthens blood vessels. Restores blood circulation.

???? ‍♂️ It is not recommended to drink pears with water, as this impairs the digestion of this fruit.

❗️It is also not recommended to abuse the product, the average rate per day is one or two fruits.