• 18 September 2019

Hydrogen peroxide-on guard of purity

???? Hydrogen Peroxide - on guard of purity

⠀✨ Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is an effective and versatile home remedy. We will tell you why this pharmacy drug should be available to every housewife, and how it can be used in everyday life.

⠀???? Cleaning and disinfection of surfaces:

⠀* Use hydrogen peroxide as a cleaning agent for the toilet, cutting boards, countertops, and refrigerator. Apply the H2O2 to the sponge, wipe the necessary surfaces, then walk again with a cloth soaked in clean water. Hydrogen peroxide kills bacteria and leaves a fresh scent.

⠀???? Removing stains from white fabric:

⠀• Due to the bleaching and oxidizing effect, hydrogen peroxide dissolves even persistent stains, such as blood, grass or sweat on white clothing. To do this, apply a little peroxide to the spot area and leave for 10 minutes. Then rinse the clothes in running cold water and wash them as usual.

⠀???? Care of indoor plants:

⠀* Water or spray the vases once a week with a mixture of 1 liter of water and 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide. Thus, you will add oxygen to the ground and stimulate the further growth of indoor plants. By spraying the leaves, you can prevent the spread of fungi and algae.

??? Mold control: ⠀

* Apply hydrogen peroxide to a sponge and clean the surfaces of the refrigerator, windows, or dishwasher that are blackened by microscopic fungi. Then wipe with a cloth soaked in clean water. Hydrogen peroxide is a light acid and acts on mold in the same way as vinegar, but odorless.

⠀???? Polishing of cutlery:

⠀* Thoroughly spray the tarnished cutlery on all sides with a 3% solution, and after five minutes polish it with a clean cloth. Forks, spoons, and knives will shine like new.