• 16 August 2019

Promotion for Thioctacid

MEDA Pharma has released a drug for alcoholic and diabetic neuropathy called Thioctacid BV 600mg. The drug belongs to a group of drugs to improve metabolic processes.


 The composition consists of active and additional substances. The active component of the solution is thioctic acid. The auxiliary ingredients of the solution are purified water and trometamol.


⠀✅ Assigned according to indications


- for the treatment of alcoholic polyneuropathy


- diabetic polyneuropathy.


- brain stroke


- lesions of the facial nerve


- Parkinson's disease


- Glaucoma


- Acute viral hepatitis C of mild severity


- Acute viral hepatitis A (without hepatic coma) of severe severity


- Acute viral hepatitis C of moderate severity


- Lesions of the intervertebral disc and other parts of the spine with radiculopathy


⠀❌ Contraindications:


- during the period of expectation of the child to the expectant mother;


- during the lactation period


- before reaching the age of 18


Consult a physician before use.


The discount is valid until September.


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